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Modern Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Couple

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A roundup of the top non-traditional trends for 2023

Cake-cutting, garland toss, a speech from the best man–there are certain elements we’ve come to expect from a wedding. And while there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route, some couples are looking for something fresh and new. Whether you’re non-religious or just trying to make your wedding feel more like you, it’s okay to want something different! 

There is no status quo. This is your day, your experience, your memory. Make it exactly what you want! From the ceremony to the last dance, every moment of your wedding is an opportunity to create a unique experience for you and your guests. 

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Non-Traditional Ceremony

It’s not often that couples are getting married in churches anymore, instead opting for a venue that can service both the ceremony and reception. While some couples may opt for a religious ceremony, many are not! And without certain religious elements or the traditional unity candle, the ceremony presents a unique opportunity for some personal touches. 

  • Tie a knot
  • Handfasting
  • Plant a tree
  • Time capsule

Many couples are also foregoing the long-winded ceremony for something a little more short and sweet. We’re all ready to party, after all!

Ambient Cocktail Hour

Classic love songs are taking a backseat to low-key, more ambient “chill” music. Music is subjective, so use this as an opportunity to create something personal to you as a couple!

Since the pandemic had us all chilling in sweatpants for two years, many couples are favoring a more formal vibe, opting for a black-tie after party.

A Not-So-Grand Entrance

Cocktail hour is over and everyone has had a drink or two. At this point, everyone is ready to eat and start dancing, and many couples don’t want to be the center of attention now that the ceremony is finished. Some are electing for a simple introduction for just the bride and groom, or foregoing the formality all together.

If you still want to introduce your bridal party, we recommend keeping it short with only one or two songs to cover all intros.

Formal Dances

To help move the night along, some couples are choosing to do their first dance and family dances right after their entrance, with some electing not to do them at all. 

While bridal party dances are a thing of the past, many brides still want that iconic dance with their dad. However, with unique family dynamics, you may opt to do all your family dances together on the dance floor!

If you want to forego the dances all together, consider doing a Fast Photo Op! The DJ will play a song and you get a picture with each table before the song is finished. It’s fun, interactive, and ensures you get a photo with all of your guests! 

Toasts & Cake-Cutting

Afraid your Best Man is going to make you cringe or your drunk uncle might snatch the microphone? Then you may want to ditch the traditional toast part of the night. Do a staggered toast or have them at the rehearsal dinner instead!

Many couples are ditching the traditional wedding cake for a more informal dessert option like cupcakes or a full dessert bar. For those that still want the iconic cake-cutting picture, they are keeping it low-key with a quick snap by the photographer without a big announcement. 

Intimate Last Dance

It’s the end of the night, you’re both exhausted but elated, and you want to take one last moment to enjoy your wedding night as newlyweds. A beautiful and intimate way to top off the night is with a solo last dance–and we do mean solo! Have the DJ click play, and everyone but you two leaves the room. Don’t want to be totally alone? That’s okay, make it your own and soak in those last moments of the happiest day of your life!

Grand Exit

Sparklers, phone flashlights, smoke machines–while most couples don’t want a big flashy entrance, they do want a grand and magical exit! Think instagram-worthy and elegant! 

Pro tip: have a staged exit before the night is officially over! As the night goes on, people start to go home and your exit photo may not have many people in it. Once your staged exit is over, head back inside to party the night away!

Make It Your Own

Your wedding is a celebration of you and every element of your wedding should reflect the uniqueness you bring to this world! Whether you choose traditional, trendy, or a mix of both, remember this day is for you.

We know there are so many aspects to your wedding day that it can feel daunting to work through planning it all. At Bash Entertainment, we have an online planning portal to help take away some of the stress. Work with our team of DJs with decades of experience to make your wedding your own.

For more helpful wedding tips, tricks, and hacks, check out our podcast Throw A Bash with Shawn + Kenny on Youtube!

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